Sunflower Gnomes on Stripes  Coffee Cozy

Sunflower Gnomes on Stripes Coffee Cozy

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Coffee Cozy

Love your cold drinks but don’t like it to sweat and get warm before you’re able to enjoy your drink?
These iced coffee cozy will keep drinks cold and prevents sweating. It is made nice and tall to cover your drinks.
Each cup cozy is made in my home studio with premium cotton fabrics and insulated material in between the beautiful cotton fabrics to keep your drinks cold.

Hot - 16 oz re-usable cup/20 oz and venti Starbucks hot drinks
Can Cozies:
Short - 12 oz soda cans
Tall - 16 oz Monsters, Rockstars cans
Water Bottles - 16.9 oz
Skinny Can - 12 oz Red Bull
Bottles - 20 oz vitamin water, 20 oz plastic soda bottles, 14 oz. thermoflask
Mason Jars - 24 oz wide mouth
-Exterior: 100% premium cotton fabric
-Lining: 100% premium cotton fabric
Fabric placements may vary but will look equally awesome!

CARE: Spot clean, cold water, air dry. DO NOT MICROWAVE.